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Cosmic Hex

Greetings Disciples of the HEX!!!!

Contained herein are peeks within the world of lost cinema...

Glimpses outside the suburban matrix of now. The films presented are in compressed digital formats ideal for viewing on computers, TVs or portable devices. Venture to the Help and About sections for detailed screeds.

Welcome and proceed with caution: High bandwidth and a sense of adventure are encouraged and highly recommended.

A random selection...

7 Faces of Dr. Lao - trailer

Rating: 2.2/5 (108 votes cast)

7 Faces of Dr. Lao - trailer (1964)

Director: George Pal
Starring: Tony Randall, Barbara Eden

Download 7 Faces of Dr. Lao - trailer: avi video (30MB)

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Human Vapor

Rating: 2.3/5 (106 votes cast)

Human Vapor (1960)

aka Gasu ningen dai ichigo, The First Gas Human
Director: Ishirô Honda
Starring: Tatsuya Mihashi, Kaoru Yachigusa, Yoshio Tsuchiya

More home run action from the classic Toho powerhouse team of Honda, Tsuburaya and Tanaka. Hardcore crime noir with fantastical elements....and a really great and seedy take on the Invisible Man riff. People tend to to look right over the non-Kaiju films from Toho et all and it a mistake. This film, like the H-Man, really builds a dark mood that escalates right up to the punch packing nihilistic finale. Enjoy!!! On a related note - good friend of the Hex and all around stand up guy August Ragone has penned a really awesomely detailed book on Eiji Tsuburaya called MASTER OF MONSTERS. August is one of the premiere stateside experts on Japanese monsters and this one comes highly recommended. If these films are of even remote interest, then HEED our shameless plug! - you will be doing yourself an unimaginable favor!

Download Human Vapor: avi video (1270MB)
iPod video (1260MB)

Death Weekened

Rating: 2.2/5 (114 votes cast)

Death Weekened (1976)

aka The House by the Lake
Director: William Fruet
Starring: Brenda Vaccaro, Don Stroud, Chuck Shamata, Richard Ayres

Much sought after 70's rape revenge saga starring Brenda Vaccaro and Don Stroud. This bigger budget Canadian film reeled in the sleaze and focused on the tension and terror - making a surprisingly tense and respectable film. This, however, didn't prevent it from being one of the most controversial films from the 70s up North. Well executed exploitation at its finest! The massive amounts of booze and muscle cars really add a weird dimension to things….

Download Death Weekened: avi video (1208MB)
iPod video (996MB)

Amok Train

Rating: 2.2/5 (112 votes cast)

Amok Train (1989)

aka Beyond the Door III
Director: Jeff Kwitny
Starring: Mary Kohnert, Bo Svenson, Victoria Zinny, Savina Gersak

Ok, I've got another idea for, there's this chick and her friends make fun of her cuz she's still a virgin, right? And she goes on this school trip to some Eastern European village, like Bulgaria or something maybe, only its a trap cuz the villagers are Satanists and they need to sacrifice a virgin to bring Satan to life! Get it? So, she needs to lose her virginity to save the world! Awesome, huh? Ok, and then there's this train, right? And its just totally running amok! I wanna call it Amok Train...either that or Beyond the Door III, I can't decide...are you still with me? ...hello? ...hey, where'd everbody go?

Download Amok Train: avi video (652MB)

Dr. Franken

Rating: 2.1/5 (116 votes cast)

Dr. Franken (1980)

Director: Marvin J. Chomsky, Jeff Lieberman
Starring: Robert Vaughn, Robert Perault, David Selby, Teri Garr, Nicolas Surovy

Phenomenal filmmaker and Cosmic Hex compatriot, Jeff Lieberman, brings us his glorious take on the Mary Shelly classic. Real surgery footage on the monitor is the first visual cue this ain't yer average made for television Frankenstein! A sort of Peter Proud meets Frankenstein - although we certainly don't trust any man made human that orders water at a bar - even one thats horny and digs Cracker-Jacks! A much deeper than average Mary Shelly meditation...that RE-Animator had a serious Dr. Franken vibe is unmistakeable. Oh...and Robert Vaughn is just creepy...seriously.

Dr. Franken continues an impressive Lieberman legacy. Squirm may be the best drive-in film ever made and Blue Sunshine has to be seen to be believed (acid horror!!!) - so do yourself a favor and watch, learn and RESPECT!!!!

Download Dr. Franken: avi video (699MB)
iPod video (326MB)

Rodan - trailer

Rating: 2.5/5 (78 votes cast)

Rodan - trailer (1956)

Download Rodan - trailer: avi video (20MB)

Werewolf of Woodstock

Rating: 2.5/5 (113 votes cast)

Werewolf of Woodstock (1975)

Director: John Moffitt
Starring: Tige Andrews, Belinda Balaski, Ann Doran

It's Disciple Request week here at the Hex and for this entry we are pleased to present Werewolf of Woodstock--an incredibly hard to find made for TV movie that aired only once. Please allow us to throw out a badge of honor for the member who requested such an absolutely awesome oddity. This Dick Clark produced mini-epic follows an uptight conservative asshole farmer named Bert (Tige Andrews from Mod Squad) from upstate New York. Boy does this guy hate EVERYTHING...especially damn dirty hippies! Irony hunts him down like a cobra at the zoo for small injured rodents, causing a lightening accident while he is dismantling the old Woodstock stage...we are dead serious...that turns him into a hippie Werewolf. You should probably just let that soak in for a minute...tons of dynamite, turned-on partying scenes and they are all dripping with a total Dark Shadows vibe. Ditto for the murders...this is one of the things that make you pause and just take inventory of the universe. Godspeed!

Download Werewolf of Woodstock: avi video (700MB)
iPod video (331MB)

Weird World of LSD

Rating: 2.3/5 (101 votes cast)

Weird World of LSD (1967)

Dircetor: Robert Ground

Part Drug Scare "information" façade with promises of titillating glimpses into the forbidden….part something else. It would have been utterly disappointing if this tent road show picture on the horrors of LSD had been just a clone of past reefer and cocaine exploiters. Well, it doesn't disappoint! After getting the drug propaganda out of the way, it turns into a standard warning film...of course detailing all of the horrors of the trip as graphically as possible for the time. Then something weirder bubbles to the surface (presumably after the squares have given up) actually taps into a mind expanding vibe. Dialogue goes out and long, sometimes erotic trip scenes come in!!! One of many seemingly endless gratuitous scenes demonstrates how cosmic and magical making out can be on a few tabs... AHEM, or so we have heard anyway...without even devolving into the bag of trip effects. Thankfully, the movie that tackles LSD is also one of the more subversive ones in cloaking a good drug movie in propaganda sheep's clothing. Weird World of LSD still never strays too far from it exploitation roots--proving that the "every movie has to have a car chase" formula has been around long before Bullitt...a gratuitous drag race is tossed in for kicks. Drop out, but not too far--FEEL THE GREEN, TASTE THE PURPLE!!!!

Download Weird World of LSD: avi video (699MB)
iPod video (366MB)

Gorgo - trailer

Rating: 2.4/5 (97 votes cast)

Gorgo - trailer (1961)

Download Gorgo - trailer: avi video (40MB)

William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods

Rating: 2.4/5 (103 votes cast)

William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods (1976)

aka Botschaft der Götter
Directors: Harald Reinl, Charles Romine
Starring: William Shatner, Jeane Dixon, Harald Leipnitz

Shatner schools you on Ancient Astronauts. We'll just add, Psychedelic Warlords disappear in smoke...and that ain't no joke!

**We encourage true believers un-waivered by this shoddy telecine to visit our compound in SF and experience the real 16MM theatrical experience as it was meant to be - with pinball and bourbon!!!!

Download William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods: avi video (1208MB)
iPod video (1018MB)

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