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Cosmic Hex

Greetings Disciples of the HEX!!!!

Contained herein are peeks within the world of lost cinema...

Glimpses outside the suburban matrix of now. The films presented are in compressed digital formats ideal for viewing on computers, TVs or portable devices. Venture to the Help and About sections for detailed screeds.

Welcome and proceed with caution: High bandwidth and a sense of adventure are encouraged and highly recommended.

The site is now open to non members and most films are available to download for $3.95. Of course, if you become a member you'll get a much better deal (films as low as 50 cents) and other benefits. And if you just sign up now you'll get 1GB of FREE downloads to try before you subscribe.

A random selection...

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye

Rating: 2.6/5 (84 votes cast)

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (1973)

aka La Morte negli occhi del gatto
Director: Antonio Margheriti
Starring: Jane Birkin, Hiram Keller, Françoise Christophe, Venantino Venantini

There are many threads that bind the may have noticed that Antonio Margheriti in one of them...his catalogue of work speaks volumes and his name means something to us here in the catacombs. This may be one of his most beautifully realized works--a film that combines the popular Italian Giallo films with a Hammer sensibility. Dripping with gothic sexuality: Clue meets Vampyros Lesbos. We are very proud to offer you Seven Deaths in a Cat's Eye in full anamorphic glory. The good old days were very good indeed!

Download Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye: avi video (700MB)

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Black Noon

Rating: 2.7/5 (120 votes cast)

Black Noon (1971)

Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Starring: Roy Thinnes, Yvette Mimieux, Ray Milland, Gloria Grahame, Leif Garrett

Black Noon is one of our favorite and most sought after 70s made for teevee films. A powerhouse cast featuring Roy Thinnes, Yvette Mimieux and Ray Milland drive home an epic genre mash up - period Western and Satatnic Devil Cults!!!! We know, we know....they don't make those every day. Tonally they really nail it which is unusual for concepts like this.....dare we say it out races Race with the Devil!

Download Black Noon: avi video (1147MB)
iPod video (877MB)

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So Darling, So Deadly

Rating: 2.3/5 (80 votes cast)

So Darling, So Deadly (1966)

Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria, West Germany
aka In den Klauen des goldenen Drachen
Director: Gianfranco Parolini
Starring: Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Barbara Frey, Luisa Rivelli

This one's hard to describe.....a red scare playboy fantasy that thanks some ultimate god that James Bond existed. Wow, in light of that does this one deliver! The Hex bows.....

Download So Darling, So Deadly: avi video (898MB)
iPod video (311MB)

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Hollywood Meatcleaver Massacre

Rating: 2.2/5 (81 votes cast)

Hollywood Meatcleaver Massacre (1977)

Director: Evan Lee
Starring: Christopher Lee, Larry Justin
Runtime: 85 min

This film has it ALL! Drunk panty sniffers AND drunk Christopher Lee (looking like last nights party.) Loser druggy gang tortures a family, killing everyone but Dad who ends up in a coma. He ineptly tries to use the Occult for revenge and gets in way over his head... A rambling revenge movie oozing with weird 70s energy. The Hex enthusiastically approves! As if that weren't enough, Ed Wood makes what has to be his last cameo before leaving this mortal coil.

Quality: Good.

Download Hollywood Meatcleaver Massacre: avi video (697MB)

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Quark - May the Source Be with You

Rating: 2.6/5 (95 votes cast)

Quark - May the Source Be with You (1978)

Created by Buck Henry
Starring: Richard Benjamin, the Barnstable Twins, Conrad Janis

More spaced out hijinks as Adam Quark, the Betty Twins, Otto Palindrom, Andy the Robot, the Head and the rest of the United Galactic Sanitation Patrol crew battle the evil Gorgons.

This film has been released on DVD or otherwise. It is no longer available to download here but we highly recommend buying your own copy: Quark - The Complete Series

The Headless Eyes

Rating: 2.7/5 (70 votes cast)

The Headless Eyes (1971)

Writer and Director: Kent Bateman
Starring: Bo Brundin, Gordon Ramon, Kelley Swartz, Mary Jane Early

Poor artist gets eye gouged out while committing a robbery. When his eye heals, he goes on a killing spree and cuts out women's eyes with a spoon.

Download The Headless Eyes: avi video (630MB)

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All Monsters Attack - trailer

Rating: 2.4/5 (105 votes cast)

All Monsters Attack - trailer (1969)

Download All Monsters Attack - trailer: avi video (21MB)

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It Came from Beneath the Sea - trailer

Rating: 2.6/5 (95 votes cast)

It Came from Beneath the Sea - trailer (1955)

Download It Came from Beneath the Sea - trailer: avi video (15MB)

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Werewolf -

Rating: 2.5/5 (90 votes cast)

Werewolf - "Nightwatch" (1987)

TV Series

After trailing Skorzeny to a shipyard, Eric is set upon by a pair of seamen looking to collect the bounty on his head.

Download Werewolf - "Nightwatch": avi video (230MB)

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Project: Kill

Rating: 2.4/5 (94 votes cast)

Project: Kill (1976)

Director: William Girdler
Starring: Leslie Nielsen, Gary Lockwood, Nancy Kwan, Vic Silayan

This film is very much in honor of William Girdler--quite a master and visionary filmmaker...he was cut down in his prime due to a helicopter accident while scouting locations. Most famous for his Man vs Nature trilogy: Grizzly, Day of the Animals and The Manitou (the last being more of a white man VS nature...) -- Grizzly alone testifies for his film mastery...BUT, Project:Kill was his real world political commentary sans nature...slipped in Manchurian style! Leslie Nielson--in his most serious role ever--holds it all together...Godspeed William Girdler...we shall honor you as necessary with horse decapitations and film screenings!!! May you conquer other plains like the Grizzly-esque Manitou that you were! ...

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