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Cosmic Hex

Greetings Disciples of the HEX!!!!

Contained herein are peeks within the world of lost cinema...

Glimpses outside the suburban matrix of now. The films presented are in compressed digital formats ideal for viewing on computers, TVs or portable devices. Venture to the Help and About sections for detailed screeds.

Welcome and proceed with caution: High bandwidth and a sense of adventure are encouraged and highly recommended.

A random selection...

Terror in the Swamp

Rating: 2.5/5 (81 votes cast)

Terror in the Swamp (1985)

Director: Joe Catalanotto, Martin Folse
Starring: Keith Barker, Chuck Bush, Gerald Daigal

Something about Louisiana is scary. Something about the swamp or the Cajuns maybe. Or is it the corrupt cops, the crooked governors or all that loose drinking? Houma, Louisiana is scary; anyone who's driven thru there will tell you that. There is a monster in this film, a giant Nutria (swamp rat in southern terms) in fact. But the real monster is Houma. A place that defines scary. There is a plot to breed a new life form to harvest more fur. Splicing humans with swamp rats deliver a man-thing. But it still is the swamp that is scary and the people that live there that is the real horror. It almost seems through the entire film that a stones throw away Cajuns and National Guard are locked in a bloody fight to the death over canoes. Frightenly Authentic.

Download Terror in the Swamp: avi video (589MB)
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Seeds of Evil

Rating: 2.4/5 (79 votes cast)

Seeds of Evil (1975)

Director: James H. Kay
Starring: Katharine Houghton, Joe Dallesandro, Rita Gam, James Congdon

I bet you're thinking demon seed, right? Nope. We're talkin' in plants, man! Oooooo! This floral nightmare features the perpetually drugged out and oh so hunky Joe Dallesandro of Andy Warhol's films as...Carl...the GARDENER! Another truly bizarre and inexplicable entry in the canon of 70's horror.

Download Seeds of Evil: avi video (701MB)

Mothra - trailer teaser

Rating: 2.5/5 (100 votes cast)

Mothra - trailer teaser (1964)

Download Mothra - trailer teaser: avi video (8MB)

The Female Bunch

Rating: 2.4/5 (153 votes cast)

The Female Bunch (1969)

Director: Al Adamson
Starring: Russ Tamblyn, Jennifer Bishop, Lon Chaney Jr., Alesha Lee

Wanton. Satanic. Drug Abuse... Nasty = Enticing. Shocking = Erotic. Heroin = Lesbian Sex! This film is pure, unhinged Al Adamson. Expect your guests to leave in a kerfulffle!! Epic women's-compound modern western revenge story...this film pushed some serious buttons and will leave the normals in a stunned state of shock. Godspeed we say!!!! Russ Tamblyn's best role ever...this is seriously fucked-up and amazing shit--topped only by Adamsonís own Angel's Wild Women. Adamson was ultimately found murdered and buried in the foundation of his own hot tub. Shot on location at Mansonís Spahn Ranch.

Download The Female Bunch: avi video (699MB)
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1 comment

Rating: 2.5/5 (152 votes cast)

Killdozer (1974)

Director: Jerry London
Starring: Clint Walker, Carl Betz, Neville Brand, James Wainwright, James A. Watson Jr., Robert Urich

Based on (yet resembling not) a classic Theodore Sturgeon pulp story and with a mind bending-ly amazing Gil Melle score.....perhaps the Citizen Kane of Asteroid Possessed Bulldozer films....artfully brought to life by Vega$ thespian, Robert Urich!

Download Killdozer: avi video (898MB)
iPod video (245MB)

William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods

Rating: 2.4/5 (96 votes cast)

William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods (1976)

aka Botschaft der GŲtter
Directors: Harald Reinl, Charles Romine
Starring: William Shatner, Jeane Dixon, Harald Leipnitz

Shatner schools you on Ancient Astronauts. We'll just add, Psychedelic Warlords disappear in smoke...and that ain't no joke!

**We encourage true believers un-waivered by this shoddy telecine to visit our compound in SF and experience the real 16MM theatrical experience as it was meant to be - with pinball and bourbon!!!!

Download William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods: avi video (1208MB)
iPod video (1018MB)

Journey to the Unknown -

Rating: 2.4/5 (81 votes cast)

Journey to the Unknown - "Jane Brown's Body" (1969)

British Television
Co-produced by Hammer Films
Director: Alan Gibson
Starring: David Buck, Lewis Fiander, Yvonne Gilan, Clive Graham
Runtime: 50 min

...more Journey to the Unknown greatness, this one based on a short story by Cornell "Rear Window" Woolrich and directed by Alan Gibson who also brought us the "Somewhere in a Crowd" episode and twilight Hammer classics like Dracula A.D. and The Satanic Rites of Dracula. Jane gasses herself and the good doctor brings he back to life and...and have we mentioned how awesome the deserted carnival opening sequence is? That's what the inside of our brain feels like right now...

Download Journey to the Unknown - "Jane Brown's Body": avi video (609MB)

Thriller -

Rating: 2.5/5 (101 votes cast)

Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" (1961)

AKA Boris Karloff's Thriller
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Starring: Boris Karloff, William Shatner, Elizabeth Allen, Robert Cornthwaite, Henry Daniell

Happy Halloween indeeeeed! - Beware the flood for this this event! First up is classic Shatner/Karloff in a gottadavidababy! Bill and Lovey flirt in a way that makes the Creepshow cast shudder...and indeed they should because only the twisted aristocrats always get theirs right? Well??? Only Shatner knows for sure and you better watch this or else! See how good television can and should be?

Download Thriller - "The Grim Reaper": avi video (698MB)
iPod video (165MB)

The Terrornauts

Rating: 2.5/5 (87 votes cast)

The Terrornauts (1967)

Director: Montgomery Tully
Starring: Simon Oates, Zena Marshall, Charles Hawtrey, Patricia Hayes

What would happen if you were British, obsessed with Irwin Allen and completely bombed out on Quaaludes and Gin? One can only imagine we suppose, but it isnít entirely irresponsible to speculate that it would be something akin to the Terrornauts. Only the British would fill their moon base with wood paneling, coat racks, maids, tea pots and candelabras. Donít think this a negative critique however...It's like a really druggy, Willy Wonka-esque Lost in Space episode. The colors, sets and unrestrained story managed to really bring out the childlike sense of wonder in us. There is always something really cool just around the corner--it packs a surprising amount of twisty richness into its short 75 minutes. Another solid brick in the wall of proof that drugs and kids movies are a pretty marvelous union--its just a bit of a different set of drugs than we are used to! Tally Ho!

Download The Terrornauts: avi video (878MB)
iPod video (250MB)

7 Faces of Dr. Lao - trailer

Rating: 2.2/5 (97 votes cast)

7 Faces of Dr. Lao - trailer (1964)

Director: George Pal
Starring: Tony Randall, Barbara Eden

Download 7 Faces of Dr. Lao - trailer: avi video (30MB)

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