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Cosmic Hex


Alabama's Ghost

Rating: 2.2/5 (118 votes cast)

Alabama's Ghost (1973)

Director: Fredric Hobbs
Starring: Christopher Brooks, E. Kerrigan Prescott, Turk Murphy

The tagline for this uber weird entry was "A satanic journey into the depths of black magic" ...heh, that makes it sound like Devil's Rain when what you are really getting is the comedown from Skidoo, Greaser's Palace, Blood Feast and Song of the South... and you just woke up naked next to Criswell!

Our new favorite film... ...They sure don't make 'em like this anymore. You will be forcing this unsung gem on everyone... over... and over... and over..

Once again, Hollywood really blew it when they remade this as The Fountain... or was that the LSD talking? By the time the Vampires and Elephant show up, you WILL be scouring the medicine cabinet for that lost stash know the one...from that the desert!? Looking at this film as the McDonalds of Jodorowski, it truly delivers.

Download Alabama's Ghost: avi video (898MB)

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Angel of Death

Rating: 2.1/5 (143 votes cast)

Angel of Death (1987)

aka Commando Mengele
Dircetor: Andrea Bianchi
Writer: Jesus Franco, Georges Friedland
Starring: Christopher Mitchum, Suzan Andrews, Fernando Rey, Howard Vernon, Dora Doll

Christopher Mitchum - the OTHER, other Mitchum - stars in this Jess Franco penned Nazi oddity-de-force. Strong vampire overtones as a Van Helsing like Jewish commando team hunts out Josef Mengele - who has survived WWII and is now covertly continuing bizarre human experimentation including virgin impregnations that may...or may Hitler. Just one of the many heavy handed setups that are strangely never followed through (Franco was reportedly 'let go' during production so there may be some legit excuses for continuity issues) matter, because we have neglected to mention that Mengele has an army of kung fu experts....that do battle with the Jewish commando team...WHO ARE KUNG FU EXPERTS! We know...amazing coincidence!!! Just keep in mind, as par for the course in this film, they may...or may not....actually battle with kung fu. Designer jeans and circuses - it just HAS to be visionary, right? Jess Franco and peanut butter and jelly!!

Download Angel of Death: avi video (667MB)
iPod video (296MB)

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The Arousers

Rating: 2.7/5 (112 votes cast)

The Arousers (1973)

aka Sweet Kill
Director: Curtis Hanson
Starring: Tab Hunter, Cherie Latimer, John Aprea, Angus Scrimm

Who says the Europeans have a monopoly on totally cheap sleaze? Well, not the people who made The Arousers.....we applaud this nasty little effort AND TV staple Tab to feel titillated and dirty with this full blown roughie....and spill a little for Corman, who pushed this to be as deliberately nasty as possible!! We salute!.....and we also salute all your hardcore Phantasm freaks - you know who you are! The fact that Curtis Hanson eventually helmed James Ellroy is just a major wow for us....

Download The Arousers: avi video (1167MB)
iPod video (985MB)

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Bad Ronald

Rating: 2.4/5 (133 votes cast)

Bad Ronald (1974)

Director: Buzz Kulik
Starring: Scott Jacoby, Pippa Scott, John Larch, Dabney Coleman, Kim Hunter

Bad Ronald's reputation speaks for itself....this is a true lost classic....a totally disturbing look into the people that get lost between the cracks and, well,....splinter and crack. Fantastic stalker in the house movie with the perfect setup and follow through - its tight and uber-tense....proving that television's old guard directors, such as Buzz Kulik, could still knock 'em outta the park.

This film has been released on DVD or otherwise. It is no longer available to download here but we highly recommend buying your own copy: Bad Ronald

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Beyond Evil

Rating: 2.3/5 (101 votes cast)

Beyond Evil (1980)

Director: Herb Freed
Starring:John Saxon, Lynda Day George, Michael Dante, Mario Milano, Janice Lynde

OK.....this is the best John Saxon film ever....WAIT, We know, we know -- we always say that....but, its also the best fucking monster/slayer/witch/Satan ever (would you believe ALMOST ever???)............and don't EVER underestimate the sweet sweet sweat of satan. This way we can all be friends!!!!! Newlyweds, an island, ghosts, witchcraft, monsters......throw in a little killdozery psychic surgery and we're all set!

More 80s John Saxon drive-in trash from the Hex! BEYOND!!!!

Download Beyond Evil: avi video (699MB)

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Black Noon

Rating: 2.6/5 (135 votes cast)

Black Noon (1971)

Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Starring: Roy Thinnes, Yvette Mimieux, Ray Milland, Gloria Grahame, Leif Garrett

Black Noon is one of our favorite and most sought after 70s made for teevee films. A powerhouse cast featuring Roy Thinnes, Yvette Mimieux and Ray Milland drive home an epic genre mash up - period Western and Satatnic Devil Cults!!!! We know, we know....they don't make those every day. Tonally they really nail it which is unusual for concepts like this.....dare we say it out races Race with the Devil!

Download Black Noon: avi video (1147MB)
iPod video (877MB)

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Blood Beach

Rating: 2.3/5 (125 votes cast)

Blood Beach (1981)

Director: Jeffrey Bloom
Starring: David Huffman, Marianna Hill, Burt Young, Otis Young, John Saxon

80s drive in favorite with a fantastic Gil Melle' score. John Saxon stars as a gruff cop (A role he could phone in while sleeping - but instead gives his usual 150%) looking into why local townsfolk are disappearing on the beach. There is, of course, a monster lurking under the sand.....but the build up is pretty intense. A 70s Jaws film with a 60s compass in terms of blood and breasts that was released in the 80s....the whole film just seems slightly out of any time and the build up is way better than the reveal but thats just fine. This movie had an unbelievably fantastic marketing campaign at the time. It made the film seem so salacious that theater owners and parents alike really put the vice grip down on the younger thrill seekers...seriously, ask 10 people who were 15 and horror buffs at the time and see.....The poster was definitely more titillating and warped with possibilities than the film itself - VIVA LA DIVE-IN!!! This movie makes a great triple bill with Humanoids from the Deep and The Beast Within (throw in Xtro if there is still any Bourbon left!) The film's main protagonist was played by David Huffman who also played the Lipstick Killer in an episode of TJ Hooker and was killed by being stabbed to death with a screwdriver just 4 years after Blood Beach was released.

Download Blood Beach: avi video (700MB)

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Blood Ceremony

Rating: 2.2/5 (128 votes cast)

Blood Ceremony (1973)

Spain / Italy
aka Ceremonia sangrienta, Blood Castle, Countess Dracula, The Bloody Countess, The Female Butcher, The Legend of Blood Castle
Director: Jorge Grau
Starring: Lucia Bosé, Espartaco Santoni, Ewa Aulin, Ana Farra, Silvano Tranquilli

Lavish production values and that special Spanish eye towards groovy gothic exploitation...who woulda thought the Story of Countess Bathory could be wickedly fun to watch! Uncut!

Download Blood Ceremony: avi video (1198MB)
iPod video (1013MB)

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Caltiki, the Immortal Monster

Rating: 2.3/5 (121 votes cast)

Caltiki, the Immortal Monster (1959)

aka Caltiki - il mostro immortale
Director: Riccardo Freda, Mario Bava (uncredited)
Starring: John Merivale, Didi Perego, Gérard Herter, Daniela Rocca

The fact that this film combines Mayan Temples, the BLOB and an uncredited Mario Bava directing credit pretty much ends our description responsibilities right there.....Lazy? Nope...ENJOY!!!!

Download Caltiki, the Immortal Monster: avi video (899MB)
iPod video (254MB)

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Castle of the Creeping Flesh

Rating: 2.4/5 (121 votes cast)

Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968)

aka Im Schloß der blutigen Begierde, Castle of Bloody Lust, Castle of Lust, Castle of Unholy Desires
Director: Adrian Hoven
Starring: Janine Reynaud, Howard Vernon, Michel Lemoine, Elvira Berndorff

If you like your Euro-trash sex scenes book ended by rape, heart surgery, bear maulings and cocktail parties then this is the movie for you. This period piece within a period piece castle extravaganza proves yet again that no one can make a sleazy movie like the Europeans can...Creepy aristocrats cook up a crazy heart transplant soul switching scheme amidst cocktails, hunting parties and bedroom jaunts all the while dealing with some seriously serious skeletons in the closet...Epic sleaze soap opera that will require a shower and many Brady Bunch episodes to wash the shame away...

Download Castle of the Creeping Flesh: avi video (682MB)
iPod video (675MB)

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Crocodile Evil

Rating: 2.2/5 (101 votes cast)

Crocodile Evil (1985)

Hong Kong
aka Lung Taam Daai Ngok
Director: Hon Gwok Choi
Starring: Siu Yuk Lung, Ku Feng, Jason Pai Piao, Lau Chi Wing


Another very interesting member request. Apparently this is the only thing Hon Gwok Choi ever directed but we're wondering if this is the same Hon Gwok Choi who starred in Hex and Hex after Hex...hurmmm. Anyway, since this film is in Chinese sans subtitles, we're only guessing here...Family Curse. A crocodile stunt show run by a nefarious Shaman. Lots of possessed sex. Lots more croc killing...a plot to breed possessed humans and crocs...hey, you got was hard enough trying to nail down the release date on this...we had a blast watching it though, even if its weird vibe is off the scale precisely because we were pretty lost overall...this is why we have comments on the site!!! Fire away with those blank fillling posts Hex Disciples!!!

Download Crocodile Evil: avi video (683MB)
iPod video (276MB)

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Dark Places

Rating: 2.2/5 (107 votes cast)

Dark Places (1973)

Dircetor: Don Sharp
Starring: Christopher Lee, Joan Collins, Robert Hardy, Herbert Lom, Jane Birkin

What a great little haunted gem! Don Sharp - who directed the Hex's absolute favorite Horror Biker movie ever - Psychomania (see it immediately if you haven't…no seriously, we can wait...) - turns in a taught, stylish little thriller. Its an acting tour de force with Joan Collins, Cristopher Lee and Robert Hardy all turning in outstanding performances. Schemers abound in a house haunted by the invasive ghost of a mental patient...we know that doesn't exactly sound original, but trust us - this obscure, hard to find picture is worth the effort. The fun is in getting there! Egged into further obscurity in the 80's by the worst, most inappropriate VHS video box art ever--a lot of Dynasty fans must have been very perplexed... Turn the lights out and enjoy! ...and go watch Psychomania again when yer done - yea, that's a command!

Download Dark Places: avi video (574MB)
iPod video (444MB)

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The Dead Don't Die

Rating: 2.0/5 (101 votes cast)

The Dead Don't Die (1975)

Director: Curtis Harrington
Starring: George Hamilton, Ray Milland, Linda Cristal, Ralph Meeker

The Dead Don't Die is pure of our elite saw this at 5 years of age and went pants filling-ly rigid with sheer and unbridled terror....we have been trying to find it ever since....of course, it didn't help that strained and foggy childhood memories had us looking for a 1930's B&W film about zombies with tattoos on their hands instead of a 1975 made-for-TV film set in the 30's starring George Hamilton and shot in color.......thats OK, cuz we are pleased to report that this Robert Bloch penned Zombie tale does indeed contain some genuinely creepy moments that still hold up.....although even at a brisk 74 minutes, it seems severely padded by dance marathon footage. We'll let you discover that mystery on your own - suffice to say, no one would ever suspect a plot to raise a zombie army to rig dance marathons...then again, no one would ever expect a plot to take over the world one dance marathon at a touche Varrick!

Download The Dead Don't Die: avi video (595MB)
iPod video (800MB)

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Dead of Night

Rating: 2.1/5 (59 votes cast)

Dead of Night (1977)

Director: Dan Curtis
Starring: Anjanette Comer, Joan Hackett, Patrick Macnee

Happy Halloween from COSMIC HEX.

Dead of Night is a Halloween holy grail....a beautiful mix of horror, 70's, teevee and the Twilight Zone...and the third segment scared the shit out of anyone breathing in the 70's.......and it still holds up. Just watch. The buildup is something you will tell your grandkids about....

Congrats for getting this and Happy Halloween!!!

This film has been released on DVD or otherwise. It is no longer available to download here but we highly recommend buying your own copy: Dead of Night

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Death Game

Rating: 2.5/5 (117 votes cast)

Death Game (1977)

aka The Seducers, Mrs. Manning's Weekend
Director: Peter S. Traynor
Starring: Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp, Seymour Cassel, Beth Brickell

Two ladies (Sondra Locke & Colleen Camp) hitch up with a wealthy California businessman who takes them back to his enormous pad. One disco, hot tub, 3-way seduction later and all bets are off! This film just totally switches gears into one of the most unadulterated and senseless epics of torture/crime/anarchy/torture we have ever witnessed. Those girls hate them some middle classed, middle-aged business man and they don't hold back! A completely unhinged rollercoaster of surreal Grand Guignol excess that is truly twisted and it just has to be seen to be believed! This film contains absolutely no message or moral, nada, zilch! Just pure white-hot cleansing violence! The note this film ends on left us speechless! San Francisco, put that flower in your hair!

Download Death Game: avi video (877MB)

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Death Weekened

Rating: 2.2/5 (120 votes cast)

Death Weekened (1976)

aka The House by the Lake
Director: William Fruet
Starring: Brenda Vaccaro, Don Stroud, Chuck Shamata, Richard Ayres

Much sought after 70's rape revenge saga starring Brenda Vaccaro and Don Stroud. This bigger budget Canadian film reeled in the sleaze and focused on the tension and terror - making a surprisingly tense and respectable film. This, however, didn't prevent it from being one of the most controversial films from the 70s up North. Well executed exploitation at its finest! The massive amounts of booze and muscle cars really add a weird dimension to things….

Download Death Weekened: avi video (1208MB)
iPod video (996MB)

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Rating: 2.1/5 (109 votes cast)

Delirium (1979)

aka Psycho Puppet
Director: Peter Maris
Starring: Turk Cekovsky, Nick Panouzis, Terry TenBroek, Debi Chaney, Barron Winchester

The HEX bring you some obscure social relevance - from IMDB:

"An ex-soldier is hired by local right-wingers as a vigilante to clean up criminals and street people. However, he freaks out and starts killing off everybody."

Why does no one ever see the blowback coming?

Download Delirium: avi video (698MB)
iPod video (290MB)

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Rating: 2.2/5 (120 votes cast)

Dogs (1976)

aka Slaughter
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Starring: David McCallum, Sandra McCabe, George Wyner, Eric Server

A pack of dogs go on a killing spree. A simple set-up to one of the most amazing nature revolt films we never saw....but its SOOO much more awesome than that, trust us. Truly terrifying and violent - its totally the Phase IV of domesticated house pet films.....DAMN! Its a crying shame the beautifully set up sequel wasn't made.......David McCallum was really letting his freak flag fly as well......Dogs is another standout disciple request!! We do it all for the you!

Download Dogs: avi video (1188MB)
iPod video (1044MB)

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Dr. Franken

Rating: 2.1/5 (122 votes cast)

Dr. Franken (1980)

Director: Marvin J. Chomsky, Jeff Lieberman
Starring: Robert Vaughn, Robert Perault, David Selby, Teri Garr, Nicolas Surovy

Phenomenal filmmaker and Cosmic Hex compatriot, Jeff Lieberman, brings us his glorious take on the Mary Shelly classic. Real surgery footage on the monitor is the first visual cue this ain't yer average made for television Frankenstein! A sort of Peter Proud meets Frankenstein - although we certainly don't trust any man made human that orders water at a bar - even one thats horny and digs Cracker-Jacks! A much deeper than average Mary Shelly meditation...that RE-Animator had a serious Dr. Franken vibe is unmistakeable. Oh...and Robert Vaughn is just creepy...seriously.

Dr. Franken continues an impressive Lieberman legacy. Squirm may be the best drive-in film ever made and Blue Sunshine has to be seen to be believed (acid horror!!!) - so do yourself a favor and watch, learn and RESPECT!!!!

Download Dr. Franken: avi video (699MB)
iPod video (326MB)

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Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype

Rating: 2.4/5 (110 votes cast)

Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (1980)

Director: Charles B. Griffith
Starring: Oliver Reed, Sunny Johnson, Maia Danziger, Virgil Frye

A real Oliver Reed mind popper here…..and one that sends Robert Louis Stevenson for a few Halloween loops in his grave! A groovy groovy party comedy that seems to have accidentally pulled psychedelia into the 80s..….In a distinctly fantasy Dick Tracy-ish universe - a hard drinking wanna be womanizer turns into a hard drinking creepy womanizer! We'll let you discover the rest - suffice to say, its one of the rare films that we have no idea how it got made but are ecstatic it did!

Download Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype: avi video (1352MB)
iPod video (1137MB)

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Rating: 2.2/5 (121 votes cast)

Elves (1990)

Director: Jeffrey Mandel
Starring: Dan Haggerty, Julie Austin, Deanna Lund, Borah Silver

OK Droogies – pay close attention:

Christmas Movie. Dan Haggerty. Nazi Super-Elves.

‘Nuff Said.

Download Elves: avi video (682MB)
iPod video (293MB)

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Frozen Scream

Rating: 2.3/5 (108 votes cast)

Frozen Scream (1975)

Director: Frank Roach
Starring: Renee Harmon, Lynne Kocol, Wolf Muser, Thomas Gowan

Halloween video nasty treasure #2! We are leading up to our very special Halloween presentation with a series of some of our favorite ultra low budget video store obscurities. Welcome to the weird world of FROZEN SCREAM! A hot mad scientist......frozen cult cyber-zombies......fiendish schemes indeed! Director Frank Roach had no fear and took this film to ambitiously dizzying plateaus. There is actual cinematography afoot, and even though its sorely missing booze and midgets - it makes up for it with rock party scenes and Satanic nipple slips. This is the sort of balls deep, all-or-nothing film thats is mostly missing from modern discourse. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Download Frozen Scream: avi video (1505MB)
iPod video (1065MB)

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Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind

Rating: 2.4/5 (114 votes cast)

Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind (1978)

aka Delírios de um Anormal
Director: José Mojica Marins
Starring: José Mojica Marins, Jorge Peres, Magna Miller, Jaime Cortez

From the delirious catacombs of Cosmic Hex, we wish you all a spectacular and epic Halloween 2009 by presenting HALLUCINATIONS OF A DERANGED MIND....the (sort of) lost Coffin Joe film! Presented in its original letterbox aspect ratio with english subtitles. Not a part of the original trilogy, but Jose Mojica Marin's return to his character of Coffin Joe in 1978 using a blend of original deleted footage an all new narrative material. This surreal acid-horror extravaganza will not disappoint!

Download Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind: avi video (1546MB)
iPod video (995MB)

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Rating: 2.2/5 (114 votes cast)

Impulse (1974)

aka I Love to Kill, Want a Ride, Little Girl?
Director: William Grefe
Starring: William Shatner, Ruth Roman, Jennifer Bishop, Kim Nicholas, James Dobson, Harold Sakata

This is the Pinnacle...the Epoch...the Zenith of William Shatner cocaine excess. While no actual snow gets hoovered onscreen, it’s quite apparent that the coke influence permeated every corner of this cinematic gem. A 70's update of Night of the Hunter sans religious overtones--Shatner delivers a completely unhinged performance as Matt Stone that seriously defies description. His damaged childhood paves the path to an adult lothario preying on rich widows...and what would have been a pretty standard and well made thriller is transformed into a complete classic by Shatner. You will never hear the term ‘dog food’ or see balloons again without laughing a little...just a little...mommy? Are you there?

Download Impulse: avi video (683MB)
iPod video (281MB)

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The Intruder Within

Rating: 2.2/5 (124 votes cast)

The Intruder Within (1981)

aka The Lucifer Rig
Director: Peter Carter
Starring: Chad Everett, Joseph Bottoms, Jennifer Warren, Rockne Tarkington, Lynda Mason Green

Made for TV Alien on an off-shore oil rig, nuff said. One step closer to completing our Alien clone collection. Directed by Peter "High-Ballin'" Carter!

Download The Intruder Within: avi video (666MB)
iPod video (293MB)

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Island of the Bloody Plantation

Rating: 2.2/5 (109 votes cast)

Island of the Bloody Plantation (1983)

aka Die Insel der blutigen Plantage, Escape from Blood Plantation, Prison Camp Girls, Jailed for Love
Dircetor: Peter Kern, Kurt Raab
Starring: Udo Kier, Barbara Valentin

ALRIGHT!!! August is the official sleaze month here at Cosmic Hex...OK, not really, but this movie is completely sleazy and it IS August...An island plantation run by some sort of ex-Nazi splinter group uses native women and midgets as slaves--they get whipped, punished, raped, beaten, humiliated ad infinitum. Udo Kier plays a pseudo-Nazi with a conscience because he sort of empathizes with the slaves he sleeps with...whatta softie!!!! The women organize and fight back with the aid of some dark magic. Remember how Aliens uped the anti by introducing a ton of aliens as opposed to one? Think of this movie as the Aliens of I Spit on Your Grave, except more Stockholm Sydromey. How they got Udo Kier in this is pretty baffling--our guess is addiction fueled legal troubles. The most troubling and/or fascinating aspect of this film is the weird Benny Hill quality it takes on from time to time. Prepare to feel dirty!

Download Island of the Bloody Plantation: avi video (806MB)

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The Killing of Satan

Rating: 2.4/5 (100 votes cast)

The Killing of Satan (1983)

aka Lumaban ka, Satanas
Director: Efren C. Piñon
Starring: Ramon Revilla, Cecille Castillo, Charlie Davao

Halloween video nasty treasure #3! The last of our favorite ultra low budget video store obscurities until our special Halloween prize. The Killing of Satan! A Philippine take on …well, battling Satan himself! Does it make any sense? No. Is it a smooth, graceful ride? Nope. Will it entertain a booze fueled Halloween party? Affirmative! We always knew Satan would try to get the upper hand by wearing red underoos! Its just the way his mind works……If this all makes you a bit nervous, rest assured there are plenty of zombies, laser battles, nudity, gore and snakes…man, there are A LOT of snakes…. This would be a good companion piece to The Devil's Rain - two decidedly 'different' takes indeed! This is the UNCUT euro-version with hard coded Scandinavian subs. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Download The Killing of Satan: avi video (1505MB)
iPod video (1065MB)

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Legend of the Werewolf

Rating: 2.2/5 (117 votes cast)

Legend of the Werewolf (1975)

Director: Freddie Francis
Starring: Peter Cushing, Ron Moody, Hugh Griffith, Roy Castle

Tyrburn Productions brings us a Peter Cushing Horror ......wait, what? Hammer? No, no, its Tyburn...with a werewolf, a circus and the roughest stable of hookers we have ever seen......5 stars and god save the queen!

Download Legend of the Werewolf: avi video (1198MB)
iPod video (993MB)

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Night Slaves

Rating: 2.6/5 (46 votes cast)

Night Slaves (1970)

Director: Ted Post
Starring: James Franciscus, Lee Grant, Scott Marlowe, Andrew Prine, Tisha Sterling, Leslie Nielsen, Morris Buchanan

Night Slaves is classic Made for TV genre at its best. Bursting with DNA from both the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits, this 1970 telefilm is ablaze with creepy foreboding atmosphere. A couple (the outstanding James Franciscus and Lee Grant) take a decompression vacation in a rural sleepy town.....and all is not what it seems. Leslie Nielson is also great as a dickish small town sheriff and Andrew Prine (Simon, King of the Witches) makes a welcome appearance. There is really no point in spoiling this one too much, suffice to say this piece did small town zombie conspiracies before Dead & Buried was even a twinkle in Dan O'Bannon's eye. If you want to know why we at the Hex obsess over 70s made-for-TV...well, this is it.

Download Night Slaves: avi video (887MB)
iPod video (743MB)

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Night of the Cobra Woman

Rating: 2.3/5 (102 votes cast)

Night of the Cobra Woman (1972)

Director: Andrew Meyer
Starring: Joy Bang, Marlene Clark, Roger Garrett, Vic Diaz

WOW--another disciple request...and wow...we definitely weren't expecting this caliber of trashy fun from a Philippines lensed snake movie. It has it all--a doe-eyed college student played by Joy Bang (not kidding), Sexy Snake Queen seduction, seedy rituals, Sexy Snake Queen double-double cross, horrible transformations, cock fighting and a masturbation scene that is truly odd. Despite all that we have just told you, this film moves along at a fantastic and super watch-able pace. A refreshingly well made, hard R film--the Dirk Benedict snake potboiler SSSSSSS did a terrible job ripping off this awesome, dynamite film... And don't forget the cardinal rule "De-fanging a snake is like castrating a MAN!!"--amen to that...

Download Night of the Cobra Woman: avi video (681MB)
iPod video (251MB)

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Night of the Witches

Rating: 2.5/5 (35 votes cast)

Night of the Witches (1971)

Director: Keith Larsen
Starring: Keith Larsen, Randy Stafford, Ronald Taft, Kathryn Loder

A whole lotta Blood Orgy of the She Devils and a little bit Simon, King of the Witches. Picture Ted V.Mikels and Brad Grinter (Blood Freak) making out on a tiger rug in front of a roaring fireplace and waking up with this screenplay on the Milo Baughman coffee table....except they left the TV on and Albert Viola's Preacherman came on at 4:30am and seeped into their dreams. Yea, its like that, and whats not to love? A con man stumbles onto a witch commune in this odd 1971 psychedelic mishmash that feels slightly out of sync with time and space. Witches with conch shells, drafting compasses and interpretive dance covens! Stick with it and you will be richly rewarded with some juicy ritualistic slices of absolute groovy far-fucking-out!

Download Night of the Witches: avi video (949MB)
iPod video (895MB)

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Phase IV

Rating: 2.6/5 (73 votes cast)

Phase IV (1974)

Director: Saul Bass
Starring: Michael Murphy, Nigel Davenport, Lynne Frederick, Alan Gifford

Legendary title sequence creator Saul Bass created quite the buzz when it was announced he was directing his first feature film. The professional filmmaking cocktail set must have been quite baffled when exiting Phase IV - a full blown and slightly psychedelic nature revolts exploitation extravaganza. Ants gain a collective cosmic killdozery consciousness and leap frog Humans on the evolutionary scale. Beautiful art direction mixed nicely with total balls out 70's style high grade psychotronica. An all time Hex favorite. Bass' first film was sadly his last, but we raise the glass high in commendation for his rebellious and awesome effort!

This film has been released on DVD or otherwise. It is no longer available to download here but we highly recommend buying your own copy: Phase IV

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Planet of Horrors

Rating: 2.4/5 (112 votes cast)

Planet of Horrors (1981)

aka Galaxy of Terror
Director: Bruce D. Clark
Starring: Eddie Albert, Erin Moran, Zalman King, Robert Englund, Sid Haig

The best of the US Alien ripoofs and the hands down best exploitation effort that came out of the New World Pictures waning years equals a film that has grown to legendary status....James Cameron on B Unit and a modern wet dream cult cast - Eddie Albert, Zalman King, Robert Englund, Sid Haig and Erin Moran in a great Happy Days stereotype busting role. This movie was a late night cable mainstay in the early 80s and has aged like a fine wine. Super bloody and super grim...this legitimate SciFi epic is due for a revisting to get the respect it so richly deserves...but don't let all this gushing about the excellent acting, story, tone and alien existentialism take away from the fact that this is a hardcore exploitation flick of the first magnitude...the extended alien monster rape scene alone will clear the place of the people with weaker constitutions. GIve this one a serious watch - you'll be glad you did...

This film has been released on DVD or otherwise. It is no longer available to download here but we highly recommend buying your own copy: Galaxy Of Terror (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) [Blu-ray]

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The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Rating: 2.4/5 (104 votes cast)

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975)

Director: J. Lee Thompson
Starring: Michael Sarrazin, Jennifer O'Neill, Margot Kidder, Cornelia Sharpe, Paul Hecht,Tony Stephano

What if you could remember the details of a past life? And what if you found that in that past life you were a total dick? Such is the fate of Peter Proud (Michael Sarrazin) whose past life has come back to haunt him. J. Lee Thompson (director of the original 1962 Cape Fear) directed this offbeat sexed-up thriller and really gives us a great taste of 70's culture. The outstanding cast also features a pre-Superman and Amityville Horror Margot Kidder and Jennifer O'Neill, star of Lucio Fulci's Sette Note in Nero and Luchino Visconti's last film L'Innocente.

Download The Reincarnation of Peter Proud: avi video (697MB)
iPod video (519MB)

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Rating: 2.5/5 (97 votes cast)

Rituals (1977)

Director: Peter Carter
Starring: Hal Holbrook, Lawrence Dane, Robin Gammell, Ken James

From Peter Carter, the director of Bonafide Hex drinking classic - High Ballin' - comes a Hal Holbrook wilderness survival tour de force. 5 Doctors take an annual camping vacation...this time a bit deeper into the woods that normal. Things go terribly wrong.....and we really mean it. What sounds like countless other 'And Then There Were None' scenarios becomes an agonizing tale of real, honest characters thrust into absolute, violent anarchy. As people begin to die and paranoia starts to rage, the edge of your seat, gut-wrenching suspense never lets you forget what your fellow man is capable of......always amazing when movies like this still pack a punch!

Download Rituals: avi video (1321MB)
iPod video (1106MB)

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Satan's Blade

Rating: 2.4/5 (106 votes cast)

Satan's Blade (1984)

Director: L. Scott Castillo Jr.
Starring: Tom Bongiorno, Stephanie Leigh Steel, Thomas Cue, Elisa R. Malinovitz

Ahhhhhhhhhh........Halloween! We are leading up to this momentous event with a series of classic video nasties - all with minuscule budgets, but hearts of gold. The kind of movies you used to find on the dusty back shelve of the slightly sketchy mom & pop video store….the kind you felt a little wrong AND right for watching!

First up? Satan's Blade - which manages to hit just about every psychotronic staple besides midgets. A mystical blade possesses bad people to kill. Whats even better? This honkin', white trash, home shopping channel mini-excaliber is lovingly placed on a tree in the woods by a satanic, red colored lady in the lake (well, person in the lake)! An eternal trap that no backwoods person can resist! Keep a special eye on the world's most awkward couch drinking sequence! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Download Satan's Blade: avi video (1144MB)
iPod video (985MB)

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Scared to Death

Rating: 2.3/5 (102 votes cast)

Scared to Death (1981)

aka The Aberdeen Experiment
Director: William Malone
Starring: John Stinson, Diana Davidson, Jonathan David Moses, Toni Jannotta

Another competent Alien inspired man in a suit film from the early 80's...this one has the distinction of introducing the 'Syngenor' - a ghetto Giger rip-off that ended up being the sort of Robby the Robot of 80's trash cinema in that it popped up up in a ton of subsequent movies. Kudos to William Malone for not only gittin' 'er done - getting a 16MM film into drives-ins followed by a stand out video store presence was no easy task back then! - but for keeping everything nice and dark....seriously, how many monster movies continue to bathe their evil creations in cascade of light??? NO, you can't fix that in post.....

Download Scared to Death: avi video (667MB)
iPod video (296MB)

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Screams of a Winter Night

Rating: 2.2/5 (103 votes cast)

Screams of a Winter Night (1979)

Director: James L. Wilson
Starring: Matt Borel, Gil Glasgow, Patrick Byers, Mary Agen Cox

Awesome American horror anthology film....the inspiration for Evil Dead? Probably not, but its definitely a simpatico collective unconscious situation. It sucks to keep pointing this out, but this film should be 100% more notorious than it is.......apart from the valid Evil Dead issues, the fact that there were awesome late 70's US challengers to the Amicus legacy makes us giddy with glee! Absolute Drive-In action at its epic finest! Shot entirely in Louisiana, which explains the endless Bud and mic shots....

Download Screams of a Winter Night: avi video (1270MB)
iPod video (1016MB)

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Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye

Rating: 2.5/5 (100 votes cast)

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (1973)

aka La Morte negli occhi del gatto
Director: Antonio Margheriti
Starring: Jane Birkin, Hiram Keller, Françoise Christophe, Venantino Venantini

There are many threads that bind the may have noticed that Antonio Margheriti in one of them...his catalogue of work speaks volumes and his name means something to us here in the catacombs. This may be one of his most beautifully realized works--a film that combines the popular Italian Giallo films with a Hammer sensibility. Dripping with gothic sexuality: Clue meets Vampyros Lesbos. We are very proud to offer you Seven Deaths in a Cat's Eye in full anamorphic glory. The good old days were very good indeed!

Download Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye: avi video (700MB)

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Shriek of the Mutilated

Rating: 2.5/5 (97 votes cast)

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

Director: Michael Findlay
Starring: Alan Brock, Jennifer Stock, Tawm Ellis, Michael Harris

Ahhhh, yesssss...finally back to our roots...a virtually indescribable low budget flick in the vein of Blood Feast and Bloodsucking Freaks -- Shriek of the Mutilated style cinema is like comfort food here at the Hex. Like Taco Bell or frozen pizza, you know its bad for you but you just crave it sometimes...especially after a few (many) beers. A college professor takes a group of students up to a remote cabin in search of the Yeti. Parties and crazy drunks with scary tales ensue. Toss in a monster, gruesome deaths, a weird occult twist and wacky turkey shenanigans...and well, it sure is something alright... A movie seemingly pining for earlier times. It would have been a drive in blowout just 10 years earlier. That this movie was filmed in 1972 is just one of its many special quirks. It’s worth viewing the film just to witness the intense detail that went into designing the hippie van alone – truly awe inspiring. SPECIAL NOTE: This is the original version that still contains the MOOG Popcorn score during the party scene and that does indeed kick ass!

Download Shriek of the Mutilated: avi video (699MB)
iPod video (415MB)

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Simon, King of the Witches

Rating: 2.9/5 (64 votes cast)

Simon, King of the Witches (1971)

aka Simon, King of the Warlocks
Director: Bruce Kessler
Starring: Andrew Prine, Ultra Violet, Allyson Ames, Normann Burton, Angus Duncan

This is IT......Simon: King of the Witches! ELECTRIC, MAGNETIC!!!!!!! Andrew Prine nails a glorious psychedelic romp into the life of a warlock thrust into the 1970 Los Angeles groovy groovy aristocratic party scene. This film broke the exploitation (and sexual) stereotypes of time and offered not a satanic, blood-soaked thriller but instead a mind altering meditation on life, the universe and dimensional reconnaissance. Sexy, weird and awesome - The HEX heartily recommends this really hard to find classic!


This film has been released on DVD or otherwise. It is no longer available to download here but we highly recommend buying your own copy: Simon, King of the Witches

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Sodoma's Ghost

Rating: 2.6/5 (127 votes cast)

Sodoma's Ghost (1988)

aka Ghosts of Sodom, Il Fantasma di Sodoma
Director: Lucio Fulci
Starring: Claudio Aliotti, Maria Concetta Salieri, Robert Egon, Jessica Moore, Sebastian Harrison, Alan Johnson, Teresa Razzaudi

In Sodoma's Ghost Italian horror master Lucio Fulci has left the over-the-top gore behind (and any budget apparently) in favor of other exploitation staples: teens, tits, drugs, lesbians and Nazis. This is a rare glimpse at the lighter side of Fulci, in a nutshell, a bunch of blathering American teens traveling across France get trapped in a haunted Nazi party house and proceed to lose their shit.

Download Sodoma's Ghost: avi video (1392MB)

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Something Evil

Rating: 2.6/5 (119 votes cast)

Something Evil (1972)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Sandy Dennis, Darren McGavin, Ralph Bellamy, Johnny Whitaker

Another outstanding effort from a young Steven Spielberg. A familiar cast, featuring the always awesome Darrin McGavin, become involved with a satanically possessed farmhouse. Wacky hijinks indeed ensue! Spielberg was on fire in his youth and its refreshing to see him take on the occult! This copy was lovingly restored from few sources included adding in original commercials! Godspeed you - whoever you are!!!! We could have sworn Johnny Whitaker was the 'bonk on the head' kid from Star Trek....but apparently that was Michael J Pollard...Apologies to both and we still love Sigmund and the Sea Monster!

Download Something Evil: avi video (1147MB)
iPod video (958MB)

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Rating: 2.5/5 (90 votes cast)

Stanley (1972)

Dircetor: William Grefe
Starring: Chris Robinson, Alex Rocco, Steve Alaimo, Susan Carroll

OK - its a little bit Born Loser-y and a lot Williard-y with snakes...BUT, its directed by our favorite BAD ASS William Grefe who helmed legendary HEX FAVORITES Impulse and Whiskey Mountain. A tight nature revenge film with a seriously hard R edge......Grefe was doing Jaws way before he actually did a JAWS ripoff - Mako: Jaws of Death! Stanley contains lots of familiar 70's TV faces and some jaw dropping venomous death scenes that blew us all away.....This is the absolutely perfect film to show to friends with serious Ophidiophobia. Relentless!

Download Stanley: avi video (798MB)
iPod video (322MB)

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Tales That Witness Madness

Rating: 2.3/5 (113 votes cast)

Tales That Witness Madness (1973)

aka Witness Madness
Director: Freddie Francis
Starring: Jack Hawkins, Donald Pleasence, Georgia Brown, Joan Collins, Kim Novak

We love Anthologies.....We love 70s British horror! It goes without saying that we are rather fond of this obscure 70s psuedo-Amicus Anthology!!!! When will they learn???? VOODOO AND ARISTOCRACY DON'T MIX!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy and don't forget to spill a little for Kim, Joan and Donald!

Download Tales That Witness Madness: avi video (1249MB)
iPod video (1065MB)

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Terror in the Swamp

Rating: 2.4/5 (93 votes cast)

Terror in the Swamp (1985)

Director: Joe Catalanotto, Martin Folse
Starring: Keith Barker, Chuck Bush, Gerald Daigal

Something about Louisiana is scary. Something about the swamp or the Cajuns maybe. Or is it the corrupt cops, the crooked governors or all that loose drinking? Houma, Louisiana is scary; anyone who's driven thru there will tell you that. There is a monster in this film, a giant Nutria (swamp rat in southern terms) in fact. But the real monster is Houma. A place that defines scary. There is a plot to breed a new life form to harvest more fur. Splicing humans with swamp rats deliver a man-thing. But it still is the swamp that is scary and the people that live there that is the real horror. It almost seems through the entire film that a stones throw away Cajuns and National Guard are locked in a bloody fight to the death over canoes. Frightenly Authentic.

Download Terror in the Swamp: avi video (589MB)
iPod video (452MB)

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Thriller -

Rating: 2.4/5 (113 votes cast)

Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" (1961)

AKA Boris Karloff's Thriller
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Starring: Boris Karloff, William Shatner, Elizabeth Allen, Robert Cornthwaite, Henry Daniell

Happy Halloween indeeeeed! - Beware the flood for this this event! First up is classic Shatner/Karloff in a gottadavidababy! Bill and Lovey flirt in a way that makes the Creepshow cast shudder...and indeed they should because only the twisted aristocrats always get theirs right? Well??? Only Shatner knows for sure and you better watch this or else! See how good television can and should be?

Download Thriller - "The Grim Reaper": avi video (698MB)
iPod video (165MB)

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The Velvet Vampire

Rating: 2.4/5 (149 votes cast)

The Velvet Vampire (1971)

aka Cemetery Girls, The Devil Is a Woman
Director: Stephanie Rothman
Starring: Michael Blodgett, Sherry Miles, Celeste Yarnall

Anyone who calls this a "Rip Off" is clearly too young to know the early 70's and is also probably a narc...cut them off immediately! Stephanie Rothman--on the heels of Student Nurses--makes the ultimate vampire move that struggling Hammer House was trying to do much earlier with its female driven vampire pics...way hipper, intelligent and more relevant...that this movie exists, gives us a small hope... If you don’t like this movie or dune buggies, then we DO NOT trust you...seriously. When movies are this immensely watch-able, erotic and important...and you can feel the influence dripping onto all of your other favorite films...well, you know the drill...WORSHIP!

Download The Velvet Vampire: avi video (698MB)
iPod video (215MB)

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Werewolf of Woodstock

Rating: 2.4/5 (122 votes cast)

Werewolf of Woodstock (1975)

Director: John Moffitt
Starring: Tige Andrews, Belinda Balaski, Ann Doran

It's Disciple Request week here at the Hex and for this entry we are pleased to present Werewolf of Woodstock--an incredibly hard to find made for TV movie that aired only once. Please allow us to throw out a badge of honor for the member who requested such an absolutely awesome oddity. This Dick Clark produced mini-epic follows an uptight conservative asshole farmer named Bert (Tige Andrews from Mod Squad) from upstate New York. Boy does this guy hate EVERYTHING...especially damn dirty hippies! Irony hunts him down like a cobra at the zoo for small injured rodents, causing a lightening accident while he is dismantling the old Woodstock stage...we are dead serious...that turns him into a hippie Werewolf. You should probably just let that soak in for a minute...tons of dynamite, turned-on partying scenes and they are all dripping with a total Dark Shadows vibe. Ditto for the murders...this is one of the things that make you pause and just take inventory of the universe. Godspeed!

Download Werewolf of Woodstock: avi video (700MB)
iPod video (331MB)

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What Waits Below

Rating: 2.6/5 (118 votes cast)

What Waits Below (1984)

aka Secrets of the Phantom Caverns
Director: Don Sharp
Starring: Robert Powell, Timothy Bottoms, Lisa Blount, Richard Johnson, Anne Heywood, A.C. Weary, Liam Sullivan, Jackson Bostwick, Richard Beauchamp

All right! The Hex brings you Don Sharp - Hammer Studio veteran (The Kiss of the Vampire, The Face of Fu Manchu , Rasputin: The Mad Monk etc.) and Psychomania mastermind - and his low-budget 80's action creeper What Waits Below! Well what? What does wait below? Well, you'll just have to wait. It builds slowly but be patient brothers and pays off and the solid cast, creative plot and special effects make it well worth the wait.

Download What Waits Below: avi video (703MB)

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